How to Get Community Passes

Community Passes give the ability for IXIR investors with large amounts of staked $IXIR a final chance to invest in a project.
These passes allow early participation in the FCFS (First-Come, First-Served) investment round, before it opens to all investors. Here's how to get one:
  • Use the Community Pass Calculator: To understand how you might qualify for a Community Pass, use the calculator provided by IXIR.
  • Stake $IXIR: A general guideline is that staking about 122,000 $IXIR for two years will give you a Community Pass with a 1000 USDT allocation.
  • What is Allocation? Allocation refers to the amount you're allowed to invest in certain rounds. So, a 1000 USDT allocation means you can invest up to 1000 USDT in the Community Pass rounds.
  • Is the Allocation Guaranteed? No, the Community Pass allocation is not guaranteed, it is only available if the other Investment Rounds do not sell out the project.